a portrait of Dana by Donna *93*(Puppy Girl)

So you want to know about me? Well I'll give you a few personal Leaks. The name is Dana Dark and I'm a Sagittarius, (pimp line).

Height: 5'8

Eyes: Grey/Blue

What do I do: I'm a Goth, Deathrock, EBM, Industrial, Psychobilly DJ for about 6 years now. Also a club and concert (Comatose) promoter and I do big events (Pageants, Fetish ball). I am now working with a body suspension team. I'm helping out with stage set, costume as well as ideas for upcoming shows.

Obsession: Occult Sciences, Studies in Health and age Defiance. Toy collecting (Nightmare Before Christmas, Bride of Frankenstine, The Munster, Addam's Family) All spooky toys as well as dolls and Vintage Halloween items.

Likes: Women who look like their from the 1920-50's era (Gene doll). Big platform shoes. Foot fetish. Perfume (Angel, Spellbound, and various self-made oils). Being female. Outdoors in the Fall / Winter walking on trails. Music (Various). Going to Ren Fair. Vintage Porn. People with ambition. Dark red, purple and black. Loyal friends. Painting. People who smell good. All Animals. Sewing. The internet. The past , present and future.

Dislikes: LIERS. People who think that having a higher IQ as in 1+1 is greater then having common sense. Those who choose to be with someone only because they look good to others. (Show off ):P. Those that expect a women to look like a little boy. People who TAN (yuck). Walking onto a pastel room (it hurts). Fictional books (If I'm not going to learn from it, I'm not going to read it ). What about fiction? I'll watch a movie :P